Dad and I had another very good day in Munich today.  Sites visited included the Bavarian National Museum (way cool, and quite empty to boot), the BMW Museum, and the surprisingly enjoyable Circus Krone.

The Circus, a 3 PM showing with 30+ kids who were celebrating their birthday, had a number of acts which they'd never get away with, at least in the same form, in the US.  Dad, who was sitting in the front row, came face-to-face (within a couple of meters) with an elephant's butt.  There were acts where the circus performers came in contact with the audience -- using a broom to sweep people off, spitting water on whole sections of the theatre, etc.  There was also the "drunk clown" act, which probably wouldn't play well in the politically-correct US of A.  The Circus, which went three hours, was great entertainment, with dozens of funny and exciting acts, few requiring German language skills.  Highly recommended, even for those of us who are just kids at heart.

Another interesting situation arose at dinner.  My colleague Mitch Wolfson recommended the Münchner Kartoffelhaus, located near Marienplatz.  We walked in at 6:25 PM or so.  They asked if we had a reservation.  When we said no, they checked to see if they had a table available.  Good news, they said that they could seat us -- as long as we agreed to vacate the table by 9 PM.  More than 2½ hours for dinner?  Maybe they don't have a lot of Americans through there.  We left by 7:30 -- in the US, they would have been able to turn the table one additional time before the 9 PM reservation.

There's still one bit of excitement on this week's trip -- my flight back to Chicago tomorrow features Lufthansa's FlyNet in-flight WLAN Internet service!  Unlike Mitch's recent flight to the US, I don't think I'll be running Skype live from the air.  Still, if you see me online on AOL Instant Messenger, be sure to say "hi" while I surf from 35,000 feet.

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