A very detailed interview with Lotus general manager Mike Rhodin.  Mike covers a lot of ground, including the Notes 7.0.2 release, plans for 2007, objectives for the Notes/Domino 8 release, how developers and IT professionals can get excited about Lotus, and new technologies such as social networking.  

ADVISOR: That's good to hear. One more thing: I'm interested in what advice you have for Lotus professionals who are faced with having to "make the case" for Lotus Software in their organization. They might be struggling against other forces in their company who might be saying "no, let's go with this other product." What advice do you have for them to make a strong case for keeping and building on their Lotus infrastructure?

RHODIN: The first thing they have to do is recognize that migrations between anything are expensive and yield no value. There's an emotional element to the arguments, and one of the ones I hear all the time is "but I use Outlook at home, therefore I want to use it in the office." The first piece of advice I'd give to anyone who hears that argument is to find out if those people do indeed use Outlook at home. Most of the people I talk to are using iMail on their Mac or Google gmail or AOL or Yahoo mail. People are moving away from the Outlook kind of environment at home, so I think it's just an argument from the past. You have to look at the business case for what's going on.

I think there's been a fair complaint that we haven't focused enough on the user experience for Notes over the last couple of years but Hannover is all about the user. I think people will be very surprised how far we've gone to make the user experience competitive in the market. So the advice I give to people right now is take a look at Hannover. The issue I hear from most people is about ease of use, and I think we've leapfrogged the competition with this release. We've always had the value proposition of the server and back-end infrastructure -- the back end security, scalability, open standards. But what's been missing is a truly world-class user interface, and I believe we've built a truly world-class user interface with this release.
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Link: Lotus Advisor: IBM's Mike Rhodin on the future of Lotus >

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