Today's blog post comes courtesy of Angus McIntyre, the Group Product Manager for Notes/Domino application development.  Angus was recently at the Lotusphere Comes to You in Cincinnati, and with that audience, played this fill-in-the-blank:

Lotus developers are more productive than other developers (e.g. .NET, C#) because....

Some of the example answers provided were:

  • Security is built in, not bolted on.
  • Notes applications are compatible release to release.   According to one attendee "Notes applications don't break".
  • Applications are easily built, and quick to update for new functions.

What other answers would you provide to complete the sentence?

Angus is also interested in knowing your Notes application ratio -- how many Notes/Domino applications do you have in production, and how many developers do you have working on them.

Should you prefer to reply privately, we would still be interested in your feedback.  Just hit me up @work and I'll share.  Thanks.

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