On the cusp of launching Lotus Connections, Lotus Quickr, and Lotus Notes and Domino 8, IBM will host an on-line executive panel session to discuss these pending releases.  Attend this panel to hear IBM executives Mike Rhodin, Ken Bisconti, and Jeff Schick discuss these exciting new products.  

Just for registering for the panel, you'll also be given access to a Burton Group webinar: "Understanding IBM Lotus Plans for 2007 and Beyond", featuring Karen Hobert, Mike Gotta, and Peter O'Kelly.

The June 5th panel is a pretty rare opportunity to interact with these executives.  As the website says, questions can be submitted in advance...and as I happen to know who the MC will be, I am confident we're not just going to take the easy ones.

More details: ibm.com: Lotus Executive Panel Session >

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