I've been remiss in blogging about last month's launch of Lotus Foundations.

Image:Lotus Foundations rising...

Lotus Foundations is the result of the acquisition of Net Integration Technologies (Nitix), as announced at Lotusphere 2008.  In just a few short months, the product has been released under the Lotus brand, and new partners have joined the existing Nitix ecosystem to offer Foundations to small businesses who need a complete, self-managed server solution.

One feature area where I'm really impressed with the Foundations product is in the area of autonomics.  This thing manages itself in ways that computers should do in 2008:

   * Reduces the time and effort required to get set up by automating installation and configuration and by discovering and mapping the network around it
    * Provides security features and connectivity while reducing time effort and error by auto-configuring a firewall and VPN
    * Protects and stores electronic data with frequent, automated, highly reliable backups
    * Quickly executes a full system recovery in the event of a disaster
I've started to see a few in the blogosphere talking about Lotus Foundations.  Graham Dodge in Australia has just started the "Foundation and Empire" blog.  Stuart McIntyre and Neil Burston are busy on "The Foundations Blog".  

I expect there will be more as Foundations expands out into the market and ecosystem, and we start to see product reviews and customer success stories.

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