Lotus Knows IdeaJam

August 19 2009

This week marks the second public milestone for the new "Lotus Knows" marketing campaign: The Lotus Knows IdeaJam.
Image:Lotus Knows IdeaJam
The Jam kicks off tomorrow morning US-time and will feature contributions from YOU!  Hundreds of IBMers plan to participate, and many of our executives and thought leaders will be hosting and facilitating the Jam discussions.

For me, I am looking for the Jam to help define future vision for the Notes/Domino products and how we take them to market.  Obviously, we are already hard at work on these concepts internally, and the "regular" IdeaJam has been chock-full of innovations and improvement opportunities.  Still, we want the "Lotus Knows IdeaJam" to bring in a much broader community of participation, and focus not just on what we already know.

I'll be looking for your best ideas -- and hopefully prompt some thinking about them -- starting bright and early Wednesday.  I will either be at a real jam advantage or a disadvantage being in Australia this week -- time will tell.  See you in the Jam!

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