You've probably seen a number of references on Twitter or other blogs to LoLA, the Lotus Leadership Alliance.  The conference started today in Cambridge, MA at the Charles Hotel, and runs through Wednesday.  A number of key IBM customers and business partners were invited, based on membership in particular organizations, councils, or programs.  It is a chance to talk about what's working and what isn't, as well as plans for the future.

Unfortunately for most of you, the conference is under NDA.  There will be a few press activities on Tuesday, though, that should show up on some of the blogs and Twitter streams.  One big part of Tuesday's public news is the official launch of the Lotus Knows advertising.  In effect, Tuesday will be "Lotus Knows day".  You can join in, too, even if you are not at LoLA -- just start your day off with a "#lotusknows" tweet, blog post, or other sharing, as I will be at the crack of dawn on Tuesday.

As for me, Lotus Knows I'm ready for LoLA.  I'm not there in Cambridge yet; arriving late tonight and just in town for Tuesday.  With the baby's due date a few weeks away, I stayed home to the last possible moment.  Of course, since we have been calling the baby "Lola" in utero, this whole confluence seems apropos.... (and no, her real name will not be "Lola", so don't start with Barry Manilow or Kinks references).  

Ultimately, it's a race to see whether my baby or my daughter are born first.  I would definitely like, and am expecting, to see baby 8.5.1 before baby "Lola"....

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