As reported by blogger Mick Stokes yesterday, the first "Lotus Knows" advertisement has shown up in the land down under, specifically in Voice and Data magazine.  I had the opportunity to review the Lotus Knows plans with the Aussie marketing team last week, and I'm excited by what they have in store for the months ahead.

As of today, and are up and running.  The internal launch of Lotus Knows within IBM in the two countries is kicking off today, June 8.  An important aspect of efforts like Lotus Knows is raising awareness in the broader IBM.  There's a very cool contest for IBMers in ANZ to possibly upgrade their ride for a weekend...see photo below.  Internal awareness is a critical component for success in a company as large as IBM, where Lotus is just one product division among hundreds.
Over the next six weeks, IBM will announce several ANZ wins for Lotus, in both existing and new customers.  The advertising that started in one magazine will roll to others, and in two or three months' time, there will be physical advertising in airports, taxis, and other out-of-home presence.  IBM also have a few events planned, both as Lotus brand and industry events, to raise the profile of Lotus collaboration in ANZ.  Plus I believe Alistair Rennie is headed down under next month.....

Overall feels like very good stuff and delivers on the commitment that we made when the Lotus Knows campaign was first kicked off last August.  Lotus Knows that you would have liked to have seen it hit ANZ sooner, but here we go, and it should be a very useful effort and timing indeed.

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Image:Lotus Knows we’re marching on Australia and New Zealand

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