Lotus Knows

August 4 2009

This morning at the IamLotus User Group in St. Louis, IBM Vice President Kevin Cavanaugh announced a new marketing campaign called "Lotus Knows".  The theme of the campaign, which will feature end-user-focused advertising and awareness on a worldwide basis, is to help users answer the question "Do you know Lotus?"  Vignettes and examples will answer that question with common daily ways that Lotus software can help the user be more productive and effective.  

The excitment in the room at IamLUG was clear.  Twitter is abuzz with "Lotus knows..." examples and reaction to the announcement.  Moreover, Kevin's call to action for the IamLUG attendees -- and the Lotus community -- was understood.  This is going to be an interactive effort.  We know that you know what Lotus knows better than anyone else.  In the coming weeks, you'll have several opportunities to help develop the "Lotus knows..." messages.  Things start off with a "Lotus Knows Jam" planned for the week of August 17th; from there, there will be opportunities for you to submit testimonials, videos, and more to contribute to the messages.

You'll start to see "Lotus Knows" show up in advertising and media later this quarter in the US.  "Lotus Knows" will run for at least 18 months and will be a worldwide campaign.  Initially you'll see it in print media, banner ads, and "out of home" impressions.

It has been an incredibly exciting process to bring this announcement to IamLUG today, and to be a part of the extended team involved in the development of the themes and messages.  The real work has been done by Kristen Lauria's Lotus marketing organization, with many key contributors sweating the details.  It was not easy to align IBM's entire marketing community around the best approach to reach the end-users who are such a key influence on IT decision-making today -- Kristen and team navigated the process very effectively.

I'll write more about "Lotus Knows" in the coming days, and I'll be assisting with the Lotus Knows Jam in two weeks.  I'm expecting to see (actually, I already can) some pretty cool "#LotusKnows" tweets on Twitter -- keep them coming, we're listening and will be using the best ones.  You asked for it, and here it is -- now let's all make the effort successful, together.

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