And phase two of the Notes 8 end-user advertising begins...Stuart McIntyre quotes an e-mail from Lotus marketing in the UK:

There are 3 x 15 second viral videos that will be hosted on You Tube, iTunes and also on the IBM landing page.  3 video banners are using the same clips (screenshot below)  and there is a 5 second teaser videos that we will also use as a pre roll. ...

The plan includes a mix of LOB sites, business leisure sites, technology sites and social networks as well as Google and contextual.   Examples of the sites we will be on are

    * Times On-Line
    * Guardian
    * Reuters
    * Sift media (across 3 sites - Accounting Web, Finance Week, My Customer)
    * DIGG.COM
Thanks for the post, Stuart, and looking forward to seeing the impact of these ads in the UK market!

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