Twice in the last 12 hours, I have heard about people learning of news related to their own product through weblogs.  At dinner last night, Jeff Eisen admitted to me that he had learned about a new feature in Notes 8.0.1 through  Jeff, for those who don't know, is the Chief Architect for Lotus Notes.  Hey, not everybody can know everything, and so after some good-natured ribbing about this (and permission to blog it), I smiled about the amount of innovation and progression going on in our space, and how even the best collaboration tools still can't help everyone keep track of it all.

Then, this morning at breakfast, it happened to me.

I was sitting at Business Development Day breakfast (7 AM EST, for those keeping score at home) at a table with Kevin Cavanaugh, the VP of Notes/Domino products, Bruce Elgort, Mike Smith, Nathan and Lisa Freeman, Matt White, and a few others.  I glanced briefly at my Blackberry, where was on the screen.  And I saw a blog post title that stunned me:

Public beta of Lotus Notes 8.5 -- for the Mac! 

The things that happen while one is sleeping.  (Sleep != Lotusphere)

Kevin told me that indeed, my eyes did not deceive, the public beta for the Lotus Notes 8.5 client for Macintosh has now been posted on developerWorks.  Looking forward to your feedback!

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