This is a pretty cool video that, um, I've never seen before.  Of all places, I learned about it through former colleague Dvir Reznik, who read about it in an Israeli blog.

I can't embed it, but the click-through is worthwhile.  Meanwhile, I have to find out why I haven't seen it before.  Because if I haven't, I'm pretty sure you haven't, and your end-users haven't, either.

Image:Lotus Notes 8.5: "Transform an Idea"

Lotus Notes 8.5 ships with a set of collaboration and social networking tools that let people solve business problems more quickly and more creatively. To demonstrate this, Ogilvy created one of the world's first networked banners, allowing users to join a simple collaboration -- in real-time -- directly inside of the ad unit. The banner prompted more than 186,000 interactions in the U.S.

Link: Lotus Notes 8.5: "Transform an Idea" (alternate link and some comments from, hmm, seven months ago, here) >

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