Lotus Notes on Facebook

December 10 2007

While a lot of what I've seen in the four months I've been on Facebook has been mostly about who is going to the grocery store and what the weather is like around the world, there have been some very cool "knowledge accidents" as a result of the social networking site.  A few weeks ago, I was able to connect up with someone for dinner, mainly through their Facebook presence (though, admittedly, LinkedIn or some other such site would have made a similar connection).  Not sure how it would have happened otherwise.

One of the interesting experiments of the Facebook world is playing out in our community.  A few weeks ago, many of us became Facebook friends with one of our closest associates -- Lotus Notes.

Image:Lotus Notes on Facebook

I don't know Lotus Notes' gender, but L. Notes (please don't just use "Lotus", or worse yet, "My Lotus") has uploaded a number of really cool things to their Facebook page.  Links to videos, whitepapers, quizzes, bloggers, and more can all be found.  In many ways, this single page aggregates so much of what's going on in the Notes community.  It definitely shows the potential of using sites like this to connect with a broader community, find information online, and use new methods of interaction.

It is a bit surprising, though, that of Lotus Notes' 66 friends (at the moment), I'm the only one who "hooked up" with Notes ("and it was awesome").  The rest of you need to get creative, too!

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