A few days ago, IBM published a technote with the current statement of direction for Notes Traveler and Windows Phone 7:

IBM Collaboration Solutions (Lotus) organization developing Lotus Traveler has no plans for Windows Phone (Windows 7) support at this time. The IBM Collaboration Solutions team will continue to watch market trends and listen to its customers as the prerequisite indicators for forming plans relative to Windows Phone support.

That's been the story since Windows 7 came out. The question is, at what point do we go from "Microsoft hasn't succeeded in this space" to "Hmm, maybe this time they will?"

I don't intend to be the catalyst for that inflection point. But if it is coming, I am willing to ride the wave.

Earlier this week, to much surprise and with many questions of credibility, IDC published a prediction that Windows Phone will overtake iPhone by 2015. Symbian will be dead by then, they say. On the other hand, I think Windows Phone 7 is still held back in the enterprise, with a lot of policy and mobile device management features missing.

So, what to do, what do do. This week I had my first real inquiry from a customer planning a major deployment of Windows Phone 7 in their corporate environment. Until today, most of the inquiries seemed to be more of the individual nature, one or two or five users within an organization picking Windows Phone among a mix of Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.

Thus far I know it appears I've turned a deaf ear towards conversations about Windows Phone 7, though I really haven't. My question today is, is your organization looking at serious deployments (by which I do NOT mean ones or twos) of Windows Phone 7? If so, I'd like to hear about it. Offline via email to ed_brill at us.ibm.com is fine, too. Thanks.

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