I've had a zillion questions about Lotus Notes Traveler for Android since we did the beta announcement on Wednesday.  Some FAQ:

Q) Where is the beta?
A) You must be nominated and accepted for this beta, it is not a public beta (at least not yet).  If you are interested in participating in the beta, please nominate yourself here (link fixed).  Not all nominations will be accepted, but we will add more over time.

Q) What do I need to run Notes Traveler for Android?
A) You need to have a Notes Traveler beta server, running the 8.5.2 beta.  Then you need to install our Traveler for Android client from that server -- it's a simple point and click process.  The point, though, is you can't test this beta just with an Android device -- you need a Traveler server running the beta as well.

Q) When will Notes Traveler for Android ship?
A) Later in 2010 when we finish the feature work and do all the engineering around reliability and stability on the beta.  To be crystal clear, Notes Traveler for Android is not part of Notes/Domino 8.5.2.  It will release after ND 8.5.2.

Q) Why does this only support the Android 2.x OS?
A) We made the decision to do 2.x mainly because it is the OS in the majority of Android devices in market today, and certainly will be moreso by the time we ship.  Additionally, we make use of several 2.x-specific API calls, and they are not backward compatible.  The 2.x operating system is more standardized in UI and other factors.  Last, testing multiple operating system levels is expensive, especially given the diversity of Android device application implementations.

Q) What was the reaction to the beta announcement?
A) Great!  I talked with several analysts and reporters during our mobility day in Littleton on Wednesday and they liked everything they saw - both in terms of Notes Traveler, Lotus mobility overall, and our research projects.

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