As announced at Lotusphere 2012, we will be adding a high availability deployment architecture to Lotus Notes Traveler. Last week we finished off internal approvals on this new capability, and barring any last minute hiccups, we expect to make it available as Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 on June 26, 2012.

Traveler HA deploys a service pool of Traveler servers which leverage a high availability Traveler database setup on DB2 (9.7+) or SQL Server 2008. A reverse proxy, load balancer, or Lotus Mobile Connect can be used to spray/round-robin Traveler requests among the servers.

Image:Lotus Notes Traveler High Availability

The new capability is planned to be included in the existing entitlement to Lotus Notes Traveler that is part of the Domino Enterprise CAL, Domino Messaging CAL, and Domino Collaboration Express, meaning you have to be on active S&S or a new purchase of those licenses to obtain the HA capability. An entitlement to DB2 is included if you want to use that database. Since HA deployment in Domino itself (clustering) is restricted to Domino Enterprise Server, the Traveler HA capability is likewise restricted to deployment atop a Domino Enterprise Server.

The Traveler Upgrade Pack will also have some improvements in the Notes Traveler client for Android, which we had originally targeted at the Social Edition/8.5.4 release later this year. Great job by the team to bring some additional value to market quickly!

If you would like to learn more about Traveler HA, you have two upcoming opportunities:
At the Italian DominoPoint.IT event on 21/22 June, René Winkelmeyer will be presenting on Traveler HA
The IDoNotes webcast with Paul Mooney and Gabriella Davis on June 21

And one last tidbit - we expect to begin beta for Notes Traveler on Windows Phone 7.x on around the same date (June 26). Working with a very large pool of beta prospects already so not taking additional nominations right now but will update with more info on that beta soon.

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