This morning at the Deutsche Notes User Group, and later today in San Francisco at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, IBM Lotus is announcing official support for Lotus Notes Traveler on the iPad.  I will add a link to the press release once it is on the wire.

Notes Traveler on the iPad is, as I learned last week, exceedingly simple.  I connected up to my Notes Traveler server via a clientless-VPN session established through Lotus Mobile Connect.  After that initial log-in, a bootstrap configuration was sent down to my iPad.  The Notes Traveler server in IBM was ready for me as well as with IBM's specific configuration needs: I was prompted to create an unlock passcode on my iPad that conformed to IBM's deployment security guidelines, and that was about it!  After some initial sync'ing, my mail, calendar, and contacts were all in place on the iPad.  No app store, no local sync, nothing.  Beautiful.

Using the iPad for mail/calendar services from Notes the last few days has been a joy.  I definitely can type faster on the iPad's screen keyboard than I can on my smartphone.  Last evening, Kevin Cavanaugh, Brent Peters, Maja Kumme and me were sitting in the bar over a beer, and I found that I could pop out some emails easily as our conversation covered off a few topics, and even quickly surf over to wikipedia to answer important questions like "what is sweet woodruff?"  (Answer: A plant whose extract is used to create Berliner Weisse mit Schuss: Waldmeister, the green beer we were drinking last night. Eww.)  The calendar interface is especially slick, the whole device is quite readable, and our engineering team did a great job of implementing features to allow for the speedy on-device type-ahead addressing, unread marks, and the like.

We plan to do more for iPad, including web-optimized user experiences for iNotes/DWA (hoping to get some base level of this in 8.5.2), Sametime, etc.  And IBM Research is working on some really cool iPad concepts which will be part of the IBM Mobility Day in our Mass labs next week.

From DNUG today, we are also providing updates on some of the Lotusphere announcements and 2010 projects.  I'll write a summary blog on those later this afternoon.

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