Eleven cities upcoming for Lotus open labs events in May/June...

Lotus Open Labs is an education experience for customers, business partners and IBMers. It is a chance to sit down at a PC and "test-drive" software that you don't have or play with features of a product in a controlled environment. We will have over 20 PCs configured with various IBM Software Products. We have prepared hands-on self-paced labs for those applications. You can choose what topics you want to explore and take your time to learn at your own speed.
Dates, locations, and registration links:
San Francisco May 1 and 2
Phoenix May 8
San Diego May 15
Costa Mesa Day 1 May 16
Costa Mesa Day 2 May 17
San Jose May 22
Sacramento May 24
Denver        Day 1 May 30
Denver        Day 2 May 31
Honolulu June 6
Glendale, CA June 12
Beaverton June 19
Seattle June 21

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