Yay, blogging from my team!  Jeanette Barlow from the Symphony team talks about the year we've just had and looks forward...

Well, nearly a year, four releases and three million downloads later, I am pleased and proud, to work daily in Lotus Symphony. The product is now stable and so very capable for what I need to do. Each day, I learn something new the product can do and now I can also do.

So, when the team asked me to share "my story" and what I liked best about Symphony, I thought about it a while because now it's hard to choose just three......

I think the top three things I like are:
You'll just have to click through to find out :-)

Jeanette is collecting stories about what you like about Lotus Symphony.  These don't have to be formal references -- just your story.  Looking forward to reading them.

Link: Lotus Symphony Buzz: Old Dogs, New Tricks -- it is possible with Lotus Symphony >

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