When Domino 8.0.1 ships next week, one of the anticipated new features is Lotus Notes Traveler, the new server add-in task to provide out-of-the-box mobile support for Windows Mobile devices.  We've made a decision that, for a variety of reasons, Lotus Notes Traveler will be a separate download, available to entitled customers with registration through ibm.com.

Since, in the past, IBM.com has been criticized for an over-abundance of registration processes, I wanted to raise awareness now.  One of the benefits of the separate process is that IBM will have a way to track interest and usage of the Notes Traveler capability.  For me, this is critical data, because all too often in the past, without a means to track usage of a particular feature or add-in, nobody can really scope out how important or useful it is to Notes customers.  By requiring a separate registration and download, one where customers will be asked a few questions about their planned user base, IBM will have much better aggregate information about the use of this feature, and thus, how to continue to invest in it going forward.

I know you are all hoping for some kind of commitment to additional Lotus Traveler supported platforms beyond Windows Mobile.  No commitments as yet, but there are definitely others up for consideration.  However, it is important to note that IBM's strategy is to continue to work with strong partners in this area, including RIM, Motorola Good, Nokia, Sybase iAnywhere, and Visto.  These guys will always have more capabilities than what Notes Traveler offers, with the additional ability to deliver features faster than the Notes/Domino maintenance cycle.

During Lotusphere, I spent a lot of time talking with RIM and Motorola Good Technology.  In the RIM case, their upcoming new release will not only support Domino 8, but also HTML formatting for mail and other goodies.  RIM indicates they now have more than 12,000 BES servers for Domino in production, which is pretty amazing penetration into the Notes/Domino installed base.  You can learn more about the 4.1.5 BES release next week, on what portends to be a busy day in Notes/Domino land, when RIM hosts a webcast showcasing what's new in the 4.1.5 release for Domino.

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