So much of what makes the Lotus community vibrant is our occasional coming together -- vendor, partners, customers -- around an idea, an event, or a theme.  In-person or virtual user group efforts are an important component of keeping the market informed and the energy going.

Today and tomorrow in Amsterdam, the Dutch market's Lotus User Group is coming together for a meeting, with my boss Kevin Cavanaugh as the keynote speaker.  Many other IBMers and partners are on the 40-session agenda.  But there is more to this event than the over-capacity 350+ people in a room at the RAI conference center.  The local community of partners, along with IBM, have come together to launch a new Dutch-language Lotus-focused website at  The site is launched today at the user group event, and has the support of IBM and nine local-market business partners.

Speaking of coming together, the metro New York city area TriState Lotus User Group has announced their November meeting, with a fantastic lineup.  On November 9, they will host an all-day meeting at IBM at 590 Madison, New York.  Lotus GM Bob Picciano will be the keynote speaker, with a dozen other IBMers, business partners, and customers lined up for additional presentations throughout the day.  Sounds like a great event and sorry that I won't be back to traveling post-baby by the 9th.

There seem to be a lot of other groups starting up, re-forming, or revitalizing.  One other recent effort, still in formative stages, is to establish a website for the Polish Lotus User Group community.  Watch for more on that effort as it comes online.

Last, I have marked on my calendar a visit to the St. Louis Lotus user group in early December.  That will certainly be a great opportunity to get back into presentation mode, in the lead-up to Lotusphere.  
Image:Lotus user group love in the Netherlands and New York

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