Earlier this week, we kicked off the second major market presence for the "Lotus Knows" campaign -- "Lotus weiß", here in Germany.  The website is up at ibm.com/lotusknows/de.

In Germany specifically, this effort incorporates advertising -- online, print, and "out of home" (e.g. Frankfurt Airport), but there is much more.  The IBM presence at CeBIT, a major trade fair in March, will have a strong "Lotus Knows" message.  After that, there are additional events and activities -- including a Lotus Knows bus/blogger tour and a JamCamp.  All of this should crescendo toward the Deutsche (German) Notes User Group meeting in June in Berlin.

Image:"Lotus weiß": Lotus Knows in Germany

Now, beyond Germany, there is plenty of "Lotus Knows" activity.  We've translated all the "Lotus Knows" assets and materials into nine languages, and more are coming every day.  Social media activities continue in many markets -- for example the Lotusphere Comes to You events in Spain in two weeks have a heavy "Lotus sabe" element and are up on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  In Finland, "Lotus tietää" comes to Helsinki next month.  You get the idea.  Lotus partners, too, have access to all this creative material and the ability to use/reuse it -- we have approved quotes for partners such as RIM and Group to use in their own efforts.

I've also heard there's some Lotus Knows stuff planned around the World Cup later this year in South Africa.

Meanwhile, the early work in the US has had a real impact.  Market research has shown that "Lotus Knows" in the New York, Boston, Chicago markets has improved Lotus's mindshare, along with the activities such as in-flight and other awareness.

I know the comments on this post will include people asking for more "Lotus Knows" in your own markets -- I get it.  This needs to continue to expand.  In many markets, the raw material is there already for partners and social media usage.  The traditional stuff still has to come along, but it either has to be done right (e.g. not just one ad in a newspaper) or not at all.  The right people in IBM marketing are working those efforts.  Meanwhile, of course, you can help by continuing to expand awareness of the "Lotus Knows" messages in your organization, your customers, and your partners.

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