Over the weekend, LotusLive took on the new branding and identity that we announced at Lotusphere, and is now IBM SmartCloud for Social Business (or just "SmartCloud Social").

Image:LotusLive is now IBM SmartCloud Social

The unification of the IBM SmartCloud story is happening on multiple channels, even including our Twitter and Facebook presence. In this way, customers and partners can learn about the full line of IBM cloud offerings, not just LotusLive standing on its own.

Also today, IBM is announcing a new customer for SmartCloud for Social Business, the Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMET) in the UK. Starting with the fall 2012 session, BMET students will use a "classroom in the cloud" based on IBM SmartCloud Social.  (An earlier article before the press announcement today in The Independent here)

And to round out the SmartCloud news, last week IBM announced the Social Business tool kit is available on IBM SmartCloud.

LotusLive Notes is now SmartCloud Notes, but otherwise, it's the same great Domino-based cloud messaging service. And we are already underway with work for our next service update, where we plan to add IMAP support, more mobility, new ways to buy SmartCloud Notes, and more administrative features. We continue to evolve the service in meaningful ways at the speed of SaaS -- now as part of IBM's overall efforts in the cloud.

Link: ibmcloud.com/social >

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