I invited a few "Yellow bloggers" to a call yesterday to talk with the LotusLive team about the new LotusLive Notes offering.  We had a great discussion about the new service, and for something that had been relatively in stealth mode before launch, the questions and ideas were very, very useful.

Several bloggers have written their own thoughts following the call, and you can go check out Peter Presnell, Darren Duke, Tom Duff, John Roling, and the others via PlanetLotus.  I do want to call out Nathan Freeman's specifically, because he latched on to one of the most important architectural concepts of LotusLive Notes -- hybrid operation.  Hybrid means a customer who is running some Domino on-premises (whether it is mail or other applications) and some LotusLive Notes in the cloud.  And Nathan distills what sounds like it could be complicated (and is VERY complicated in the Exchange world, and non-existent in the Google world) down to:

Here's what you need to integrate your on-premises Domino implementation with LLN: an OU certifier and a single Domino server in the DMZ.
There's more to his post, of course, but the essence is captured.

So, great stuff, great questions, great first day feedback.  I know some people objected to my rather bold assertion that LotusLive Notes + LotusLive Engage puts us ahead of the pack in cloud collaboration.  I know we have to prove this out by delivering and winning customers.  We've done some of that already, and we'll be naming names.  But when I look at what our competition offers, I know that we are in fact leading out front from a technology and flexibility perspective.  As you check out the service, you'll see this as well.

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