This new matrix, and the associated linked pages, outline the Lotus solutions available through LotusLive services:

Image:LotusLive offerings matrix

The purchase process for these is still through the Lotus brand sales organization and/or channel partners.  I know this is viewed by some as needlessly cumbersome, but for many of these offerings, one size does not fit all.  As such, IBM wants to do what IBM does best, and that is understand your requirements and scope out the right, best solution.  I believe some of the offerings will deliver credit card purchase approaches in the future.

Over the next few months you will be hearing a lot more about LotusLive Notes and LotusLive iNotes.  We've been in market for almost a year with the LotusLive Notes V1 offering (originally called Lotus Notes Hosted Messaging), which broke ground as the first product+service available to IBM customers in a single Passport Advantage SKU.  Our experience there has totally proven out the idea that a one-size offering fits few, but we've had some big wins in customers looking at hosted or SaaS delivery of their Domino infrastructure.  We have just finished the planning exercise for LotusLive Notes V2, so I'm looking forward to talking more about that in the weeks and months ahead...along with our plans around the next versions of Notes/Domino in premises-based deployments.

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