Ah, the joy and pain of being a Lotusphere track manager.

For Lotusphere 2006, over 200 proposals for sessions were received in the infrastructure track (the IDXXX sessions).  Over the last few weeks, that was whittled down to the 50 sessions we'll have as that track at the conference.  This morning, the selections are 90%+ final.  My colleagues managing the other tracks are at or close to the same point as well.

We've promised several times that Lotusphere 2006 will continue the tenets established over the last couple of years -- deeper and deeper technical content, along with more focus on sessions with here-and-now value.  We can't be successful with this conference if it gets too far ahead of those of you who might attend -- a session on deploying "Hannover" in a Notes 7 environment might sound gee whiz cool, but nobody is going to do that until "Hannover" ships...so why talk about it in depth now?

The session titles and preference voting should be pushed out to the web within a week to ten days.  I hope that detail will help more of you justify spending your company's budget on Lotusphere '06.

Also, Chris Miller reports that a few of the Lotusphere hotels are waitlist only, though talk on the Turtle's unofficial site says to check out some of the various dates -- some have more availability than others depending on the day.

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