Some updates on Lotusphere 2006 -- only 125 days away....

Also, I'm thinking about whether or not to deliver a "Boss Loves Microsoft: Where does that leave Lotus" session at LS2006.  While the session has been incredibly useful -- both at and after Lotusphere -- for the past four years, the market dynamics have changed.  It would take hours and hours to attack all seventeen of the products Microsoft is currently calling "collaboration" :)  and honestly, my job no longer spans watching all seventeen of those.  Since MS hasn't shipped much in the way of new releases in the collaborative realm during 2005 (Office Live/Communicator is the only real exception), a lot of what needs to be discussed is futures-oriented.  

As an alternative, Libby Ingrassia and I plan to reprise and update our "How to 'sell' Notes/Domino inside your organization" session from Lotusphere 2005 (and 2003).  With the ship of Notes/Domino 7, the Workplace roadmap, the good press and success stories from this year, we believe that session would have a lot of value on the '06 agenda.  I could cover some of the competitive positioning in that session as well.

I'm sure my readers in Redmond will be thrilled to hear that I might forego the session.  For the rest of you though, thoughts good or bad?  It does take a lot of work -- and internal review -- to build the session, so it's not a decision I want to make lightly.

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