We're finalizing the schedule for birds-of-a-feather sessions at Lotusphere.  Originally, I was given Wednesday evening as a time slot for BOF508: The Lotus blogging community (not just bloggers!).  For a couple of reasons, I asked to change that time slot -- mainly because of a new content concept we'll be announcing soon for Lotusphere 2007.  

So, Thursday morning is the blogging BoF time slot.  I know it's suboptimal, but it's just as valid a timeslot in the conference agenda as any other. See you there -- bleary- or bright-eyed.  At least now you know that the content team doesn't give ourselves any kind of preferred treatment in running the conference...

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  1. 1  Charles Robinson http://cubert-codepoet.blogspot.com |

    I'm glad it's changed, there were a LOT of things going on at the same time as the previous timeslot.

  1. 2  Bruce Elgort http://www.TakingNotesPodcast.com |

    7am is a good time of the day for the bloggers BoF as many of our egos will be hungover :-)

  1. 3  Curt Stone http://www.curtsisland.com |

    If my brain status choice is hungover or burnt out, I'd choose hungover. Maybe the Wednesday Party should be at Magic Kingdom and we'll behave ourselves.

  1. 4  Bob Brodsky  |


    While in Victoria don't miss Sooke Harbor---world class


  1. 5  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    I think I'm in Victoria long enough to check out two different security queues at YYJ and the performance of a Nissan Altima rental car. We're off to Calgary tonight. :-)

  1. 6  Volker Weber http://vowe.net/about |

    Nissan Altima, is that something to write home about?

  1. 7  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    From the selection at the Victoria airport, it is :-)

  1. 8  Rich G  |

    7am - going to be tough. It means we'll have to leave the bar at 06:30!

  1. 9  Keith Brooks http://kbmsg.blogspot.com |

    mine is still at 7am and needless to say the attendance is questionable at that hour, but if the interest is there then that is what matters.

    Double check your alarm clock that morning.

  1. 10  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    I was just struck by the irony between this post and my last one about working hours... funny how expectations are different at a conference like Lotusphere.

  1. 11  Christopher Byrne http://www.controlscaddy.com/ |

    Well, now the 8:30 AM thursday time slot for my Disaster Recovery planning session sounds a wee bit more palatable.

    Wednesday evening time slots? Does this mean there is no Wednesday party this year?

  1. 12  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    There is a party...it starts after the Wednesday evening slots.

  1. 13  Patrick McAllister  |

    I didn't remember there being any BOF sessions Thursday morning, what does that tell you? :)

  1. 14  Mike Lazar  |

    I guess just bring your luggage to the BoF, then hit the shuttles/taxis/limos right after...

  1. 15  Adeleida  |

    Thanks Ed - that was a great change.

  1. 16  Stuart McIntyre http://macsfacts.vox.com |

    @12: Ed, any chance the party might go on beyond 10:30 this year? It always semms that just as everybody has arrived and got going, it's time to set off back to the buses again. Either that, or open the park a bit earlier so those that want to can make their own way there ahead of time?

  1. 17  John Head http://www.johndavidhead.com |

    @16 - Stuart ... they can not open the doors any earlier ... remember, all the parks are open during the day. They have to close down, get all the guests in the park out, setup for the party, and then reopen. All the parks have guidelines for what time a closed party can start.

    I always get to the park by my own transportation ... you will just have to wait until the open the doors/turnstyles.

    @14 Mike - you dont stick around Thursday? Thursday is one of my favorite parts of Lotusphere ... Gurupoloza, Meet (or Beat) the Developers, and the closing session

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