With just a few days left for additional registrants, I checked this week's update on Lotusphere attendance with a bit of anticipation.  Now, the actual numbers are IBM confidential, but I can report some interesting data points:

  • First, yes, it's bigger than last year.
  • More than 25% of the attendees are from Europe
  • Business development day will draw a record turnout
  • More than half the attendees are IBM Certified Professionals
  • There are over 300 speakers
  • The stated preference is chicken not beef, and most are hoping for Sacha Baron Cohen as the keynote guest speaker (though are divided as to whether Borat or Ali G would be more interesting)

Update: This picture arrived in my inbox shortly after posting -- apparently Ali G is part of the staff contingent at Lotusphere 2007:

Image:Lotusphere 2007 demographics

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