In the last 24 hours, those registered for Lotusphere have been sent a link to the session preferences voting site...your preferences help us decide what time slots and rooms are appropriate for the hundreds of sessions that have been selected.

I know that in the last 30 minutes, the official accept and reject e-mails have gone out.  I know that means there are literally more than 1000 disappointed people right now.  I know it's tough from both sides.  Rocky covered some insight from the mind of a track manager earlier today, and I agree with much of what he says.  

As with prior years, I've had a small twinge of discomfort that there has been public discussion of proposed sessions, rejections, etc.  We know all of you are passionate and want to share that passion when you submit proposals to Lotusphere.  But I suggest taking any rejection professionally, not personally -- which I know you realize it is.

At any rate, congratulations to all of the speakers -- looking forward to what will be the best Lotusphere yet, just a bit more than ten weeks away!

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