The complete list of Lotusphere 2007 main conference sessions and breakouts has been posted on the Lotusphere website.  BoFs are being finalized along with customer panels -- you should see those by Tuesday.  

Take a look and see if we've delivered on the promise to continue to increase the technical content at Lotusphere.  As an example, ID210 -- Lotus Domino I/O costs: Domino 8 and beyond -- I think this is as deep into the internals as we've gone for a Lotusphere breakout.

You'll also see a substantial increase in Lotus Notes sessions, as well as a whole sub-track called "Sametime, all the time", with a bunch of additional, detailed content on Sametime.  Also on the agenda are some clues as to new product areas that will be announced or previewed at the conference, along with more focus on recent announcements such as Lotus Component Designer and Lotus Expeditor.

All details here >

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