A reader e-mailed me this morning to find out what is going on around Lotusphere on Saturday the 19th.  Many people arrive in Orlando that day, and over the last few years, have started to mingle and gather on Saturday afternoon.  Bruce Elgort and Mikkel Heisterberg have both blogged about what is now called BALD -- "Bloggers (and friends) Annual Lotusphere Dinner".  It's a good place and time to reacquaint or put new faces and names together.  I'll be sure to stop by.

Speaking of BALD, yesterday was the occasion for my annual Lotusphere haircut.  This would not normally have been an event worth blogging, but as I was on the phone with my boss later in the day, I made a comment about the "Lotusphere haircut", and he said, "oh yeah, mine was last week".  I always go to the barber about a week to ten days before Lotusphere, because style guides say that men's hair looks best a few days after a cut.  Who knew you could come to edbrill.com for grooming tips, guys!  Oh, an extra bit of trivia: my barber's son Sebastian is going to have his own Comedy Central half-hour special next week -- watch for it!

Should be blogging more Lotusphere news later today....

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