OK, I promised not to repeat the 8 AM Thursday time slot from Lotusphere 2007 for this.  We're running the LS08 "Lotus Blogging Community" birds-of-a-feather on Wednesday night at 5:45 PM in the Swan (Osprey 1&2, basically same place as LS07's).  You'll be able to attend the BoF then run off to ____________, site of the big Wednesday night party. [I might be able to disclose this soon!]

This is the fourth Lotusphere that we'll hold a BoF for the blogging community.  For those who haven't attended before, please do!  Much of the impact of this BoF is about those of you who read blogs, not just about the bloggers ourselves.  We want to learn how to grow the community, how to encourage more voices, how to track blogs better, and what the utility of the various blogs is.  I expect we'll also be congratulating the winner of the LotusUserGroup.org blogger award.  Hope to see you there!

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