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The Lotusphere team has opened the Lotusphere 2008 call for abstracts.  This is a few weeks earlier than previous years, and represents a step towards an even higher quality level for the presentations selected and delivered.

As anxious as the team is to get moving on this, the call for abstracts page is live without the corresponding update of  Mainly, I wanted to make sure that anyone considering submissions take a look at the Lotusphere track descriptions (Thanks, Mac, for echoing this content to a linkable page).  Why?  Because every year, the hardest part of a track manager's job is sorting out sessions that were incorrectly submitted.

Thus, a few tips:

  • Tracks like futures, application development, and infrastructure are typically reserved primarily for IBM speakers.  I've managed the infrastructure track for the last five years...I think I've had less than three external speakers in that track in any given year.  So, non-IBMers should focus on the best practices and jumpstart sessions, as well as focused submissions for other tracks and birds-of-a-feather sessions.
  • Abstracts that read like marketing presentations for partner products will automatically be rejected.  Even if you try to make the session about "industry trends", we'll figure it out.
  • This is not a lottery, so you don't increase your odds of winning by submitting large quantities of abstracts.  Also, don't submit the same abstract to multiple tracks in the hope that different track managers will evaluate your submission differently...we do collaborate on this stuff (through Notes, of course!).
  • Birds-of-a-Feather sessions are meant to be interactive discussions, not presentations.  Likewise, they should represent a community of or common interest.  The submission of a BoF is to facilitate that discussion, not deliver a presentation.  Remember that a BoF facilitator does not include an admission pass to Lotusphere, only session track speakers receive that.

Abstracts will be accepted until noon EDT, September 7, 2007.

Link: Lotusphere 2008: Call for abstracts >

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