One big change for Lotusphere 2008 was a much-earlier deadline for submitting session content than in previous years.  In the past, the content deadline has been on or about New Year's Eve, and the content team ran fast and furious upon return from the winter holidays to pull the sessions together.  This year, the deadline was December 7, and at least in my track, 85% of the presentations were submitted on-time.  The content team has, thus, been reviewing content already, working with speakers on any needed improvements, changes, or tweaks.  This isn't a rubber-stamp process -- just ask some of my track's speakers.

The infrastructure track has 65 sessions this year, so running through 50+ over the last week to ensure that they are on target has been a big task.  The result, though, is that not only will 2008 have even better content, you should be able to review much more of it on Lotusphere Online in advance of actual sessions.  That helps you decide which ones are worth attending, and with more sessions in 2008 than any of the last seven years, I can only imagine how useful that will be to you as attendees.

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