For the last few years, each Lotusphere has added new concepts in sessions and ideas.  Jamfest, Gurupalooza, Speedgeeking, Boomerang sessions, boat races.... all good stuff that is back for this year.   Lotusphere 2008 is bringing yet another new session idea to this list of uniquely-Lotusphere sessions: Lotusphere Idol!

The Lotusphere Idol competition has quite a prize for the winner -- your very own Lotusphere session, on Thursday morning the 24th in one of the Dolphin session rooms.  But you gotta play to win...

Interested?  Rocky has all the details over at  The first step in the process is to submit an abstract.  The judges will choose 4-6 contestants to appear in the audition session -- live, on stage, Tuesday the 22nd at 1:30 PM.  I will be hosting the audition session, with an all-star (well, at least within the community) panel of on-stage judges and track managers.  Audience applause and reaction will influence these judges (well, maybe not Simon)!

The winner isn't just thrown to the wolves -- they will get a one-on-one coaching slot with Lotusphere speaker coach Bill Chuck on Wednesday.  The track managers will also be available to assist in session prep and review!

We're really looking forward to this session -- hope to see you there!

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