Lotusphere 2008: Salon 2.08

December 7 2007

Lots more information about Lotusphere 2008 being posted on the Lotusphere 2008 website.  Declan Lynch picked up a few of the new tidbits, including the badge coding for the opening general session, the various daily keynotes, and the new LotuSalon 2.08.

From the Lotusphere website:

The first in what we hope to be a tradition of expanding our collective horizon, LotuSalon 2.08 will look at how collaborative technology is having an impact on how we have fun in a Web 2.0 playground.
One interesting aspect of the Salon 2.08 session is the level of interaction.  Questions for the Salon 2.08 speakers can be submitted in advance...as digideos.  I think I was supposed to figure out how to pronounce that word in this short promo that I posted on YouTube...recorded, yes, with my iMac.  Be gentle, I've never done one of these YouTube videos before...

Check out all the details...well, everything except how to submit a digideo.  Details on that to follow soon.

Link: Lotusphere 2008: Salon 2.08 >

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