For the last three years, the blogging community has come together at Lotusphere in what has been an enjoyable and informative session.  We've talked about the benefits of blogging, how to increase participation in the community, commenters vs. lurkers, and all sorts of other topics.  

For Lotusphere 2008, the blogging community BoF (BOF301) is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 5:45 PM.  A couple of things to point out about that.  First, there is a schedule conflict with the BoF from  Unfortunately, it is simply too late to try to change the schedule.  I suspect that both BoFs will be popular and hope you will attend one or the other (or both?).

Second, the blogging community BoF this year will be facilitated by Alan Lepofsky rather than me as listed.  This is a change that has only happened in the last few days, as a result of a schedule conflict of my own.  What could be more important than the community?  Well, I am not sure what or how much I can say on the blog at this point, but I need to attend another meeting related to my day job of managing Notes/Domino sales.  In 2008, this will be a much bigger responsibility for me.  I'll say more about this over the next few weeks.

I asked Alan to run the blogging community BoF for several reasons.  Many of you have seen joking references to us being one and the same person, but Alan really stands on his own.  Alan is a finalist in the blogger award, a key member of the Lotus strategy team, and has really embraced blogging and other social networking as a way to help the community.  I am honestly disappointed I won't be in the room, because I believe Alan will lead a great session.

I look forward to meeting many of you in my other sessions, including the Lotusphere Idol! auditions on Tuesday, and ID601 , Understanding the Marketplace Advantages for IBM Lotus Solutions, Wednesday at 3 PM.

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