I'm just about to head out the door for INV106, the Notes/Domino roadmap session.  I am really pleased with where we are at with the Notes/Domino product strategy, and believe you will be as well.

At 1:30 PM, I'll be hosting our Lotusphere Idol! auditions in the Dolphin North Hemisphere.  We selected several finalists to audition for a real speaking slot on Thursday morning, and they've produced some excellent tryout material.  

At 4:15 today, we are having a customer success stories panel discussion, in Dolphin Southern III.  The title is "selling Lotus internally" -- sounds very familiar to me and to many of you as well.

I have been reading the blogs and some of the press coverage from yesterday.  It's clear that we have a job to do this week to expand on all the news from the opening general session.  For those who are developers, I strongly want to encourage you to plan to attend the app dev mini-keynote on Thursday morning, where Kevin Cavanaugh will help tie the whole message together.  Just the fact that this mini-keynote exists is strong evidence of how much renewal Lotus has put into the message of "developers, developers, developers".

Have a great day -- more blog entries to come!

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