Extra! Extra! This just in.

Over last weekend, Warren Elsmore and others announced the 2008 Lotusphere Barmy Bloggers Boat Race!  

If you were at Lotusphere last year, you might have seen crazy competitors spending lunch hour "sailing" the hotel's swan boats in a test of wills.  Entrants for the 2008 boat race can sign up now by clicking the "register" link on the website I linked above.  There is no charge -- a benevolent sponsor exists somewhere around Lotusphere.

Interested in competing with two of the most unassuming Lotus bloggers anywhere?  If you want a piece of me, get into that 1:05 PM race on Wednesday, which currently (at time of blogging) only shows Ed defi-BRILL-ator and The Big Lepofsky signed up.  Four slots against us remain.  Open entries are currently available in almost all other time slots, so get into the race today!

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