Paul Mooney officially announces the process for Lotusphere Idol! 2009:

Every year, the Lotusphere content managers are on the hunt for new, "young blood", with good technical and presentation skills.  Sometimes, the problem is being noticed by track managers.  This is not as easy as you would think, and being accepted for a session by the content team at Lotusphere is difficult to achieve.  The competition is fierce,   Helping on the SNT track this year really opened my eyes to the volume of submissions.

Last year was the first Lotusphere IDOL.... the fruition of a "talent hunting" idea that was discussed for months.  So, what's it about?
Find full details on how to apply on Paul's blog.  I look forward to welcoming 5-7 contestants to the Lotusphere stage for 2009 Idol!

Link: Paul Mooney:  Lotusphere IDOL - call for abstracts >

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