Over the last few days, 99% of Lotusphere session acceptance/rejections have gone out to those who submitted proposals.  Congratulations to those whose proposals were accepted -- as Rocky wrote the other day, this was another tough year for the track managers!  Many, many great abstracts were proposed and we're going to have another excellent conference.

Now, on the minus side, I've seen some public grumbling by those whose proposals were not accepted, on twitter or blogs.  I tweeted about this the other day and heard from some with guilty consciences -- but not from the grumblers.  Of course, I understand that some are disappointed, but there are professional ways to express that (and I saw some fine examples of that as well).

So, rather than just grumble back, I'd like to offer some advice, and an opportunity.  If you weren't accepted as a speaker, you may need to build up your resume.  Are you speaking at other conferences -- ILUG, UKLUG, Admin/Developer, Entwicklercamp, or user group meetings?  Are you blogging or contributing to content in a way that demonstrates your subject-matter expertise?  These are all factors that track managers take into consideration when selecting sessions.

There is another opportunity, too.  At Lotusphere 2008, we introduced Lotusphere Idol!  Lotusphere Idol will return for Lotusphere 2009, and I will once again be hosting the session.  During Lotusphere Idol, 4-6 contestants will have the opportunity to give a short presentation.  A panel of expert judges will decide which contestant is Lotusphere Idol!  The winner will get their own speaking slot on the Thursday Lotusphere agenda, and have the opportunity to work with track managers and coaches to get ready for that session.

We'll begin the contestant search process in a month or so, and I will post updates accordingly.

Last, in case you are wondering, I will be speaking at Lotusphere 2009.  On Business Development Day, David Via (who replaced me as the worldwide product sales executive for Notes/Domino) and I will discuss the realities of Notes/Domino TCO and the competitive landscape.  During the main conference, Brent Peters (VP Notes/Domino Product Development) and I will present the Notes/Domino strategy session.  My calendar for Lotusphere 2009 looks a bit different than in past years, but I'm sure it will be the usual wild ride.  That is especially true because registration continues to trend ahead of numbers for Lotusphere 2008.  Now if we can figure out the little issue of this US presidential inauguration, which overlaps the conference on Tuesday morning...TiVo anyone?

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