In my first Lotusphere back in product management, my contribution and schedule are very different than the last several conferences.  No longer do I get to flit in and out of the conference office, finding out which sessions are popular and which speakers did well or hearing about the daily goings-on.  Other than my two own sessions and the two that I hosted, I've been in meetings with customers, partners, press, and analysts nonstop over the last three days (and continue this pattern tomorrow).

Today, with an extremely busy schedule, I decided to try something new and travel Lotusphere without my laptop.  I had it with me for a couple of meetings this morning, and used it briefly during today's press conference to post a blog entry, but that was it.  Otherwise, my Blackberry Bold has been my good friend, keeping me informed on my work and personal e-mail, PlanetLotus, Twitter, and text messages.  Like earlier in the week, even such demanding use of the Bold did not drain the battery.  It was good that I had it, too -- I met up with Valerie from RIM and was able to check out some of the latest Lotus capabilities for Blackberry.  Very cool stuff with Connections profiles for sure.

There were a few times that I really wanted or needed a laptop (right, Eileen!), but for the most part, the Blackberry was able to serve as my primary device today.  Very liberating to be walking around Lotusphere without dragging the laptop rolling bag.  However, it is true that y'all are starting to make fun of me for being on the phone every time I'm walking in the halls!  I promise tomorrow, especially from Ask the Developers through the closing session, that I will be much more accessible.  If you haven't said "hi" yet, please do so then!

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