Prompted by a Twitter tweet from Sean Burgess, Mary Beth Raven checked in with the Lotusphere team to find out the latest on Lotusphere 2009.  She writes:

To all of you Lotusphere junkies... (and all of the rest of you who do not anticipate a geek conference as the social highlight of the year)... I am pleased to let you know that the Lotusphere 2009 site is scheduled to go live on September 3rd.
Sean and others were wondering why it's been quiet in the online community about this.  I think there are a few reasons.  One is that many of our events team are working on a event coming up in September.  The other is that those of us online who have been part of the Lotusphere content team in years' past have different roles or plans to contribute for 2009.  For me specifically, when I added people management and three new products (Symphony, Protector, "Atlantic") to my responsibilities for 2008, I decided something had to give.  And after working on seven (or eight?) Lotuspheres as part of the core content team, I've asked to move to emeritus status for LS09.  I will not be managing a content track.

I'll happily be blogging about Lotusphere 2009 as the preparations move into public view and we run up to January.  I'm just as excited about this one as all the others, but it will be interesting for me personally to take a different viewpoint going into the week, and focus on customer and partner meetings, attending sessions and BoFs, and all the other stuff that actually happens at Lotusphere.  It'll be fun, customary, and yes I'll be at Kimono's on Sunday night eating sushi.  I can't imagine January unfolding any other way.

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