After a sort of "soft launch" last week, today the LotusphereBlog joins the community with full disclosure of its intention and direction:

The aim for this blog was, and continues be, to create a central site to cover all the news, views, ideas and efforts of the Lotusphere community.  That is a pretty lofty aim, in that there are already a number of well known sites that cover Lotusphere content, including the official IBM site itself and the Gonzo page to name but two. In addition, there are many blogs and news sites (perhaps even hundreds) that include Lotusphere-related posts, plus dedicated areas on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.  The Lotusphere Blog is not trying to usurp all these efforts, in fact we will be trying to draw as much attention to those sites as we can, through links from the blog and regular posts about the content they're providing.

Instead, this blog is attempting to highlight the efforts of the 'Lotusphere community' in its broadest sense, to show the power and impact that an online community can have when it draws around a topic of common interest and develops into something that is more than the sum of its parts.  As many of you will be aware, the theme of Lotusphere 2009 is 'The Power of Community", and this blog is looking to showcase the Lotusphere community as an excellent example of what can happen when such a group comes together, collaborates, communicates and innovates to deliver something truly special.
Now, how do we make it "truly special"?  Contribute!  Stuart McIntyre has been generously giving of his time and energy to get the LotusphereBlog site up and running, but as he says, he is not intending to fly solo:
If you have ideas for posts, send them in - you will be credited for your involvement.  If you can author whole posts yourself, then even better - we will publish the posts in your name.  If you can link to the Lotusphere Blog from your own site, that would be awesome - thank you!  If you have Lotusphere content yourself that would be of interest to the community then send us the link and we will help to send traffic your way.  If you have plans for the Lotusphere event that you'd like broadcast, whether technology/business-focused or social, then let us know - the only caveat will be that there must be some benefit to the Lotusphere community as a whole, not just to your organization or your customers. is an IBM-sponsored effort, but we are absolutely not going to author content there.  The blog was created to be a single aggregation site -- especially for Lotusphere first-timers and potential newbies -- to find out all there is to know about the conference, without having to search different blogs,, etc.

There are other, related efforts.  There's a LinkedIn group to join:
Image:Lotusphere 2009: What is the Lotusphere Blog? All is revealed!
and a Twitter ID to follow:
Image:Lotusphere 2009: What is the Lotusphere Blog? All is revealed!

Thus, there are several opportunities for you to get involved and expand the "yellow bubble" to include a much broader segment of the thousands who will attend Lotusphere or Lotusphere Comes to You events.  I encourage you to participate, contribute, share, brainstorm, and help share your excitement as we head into Orlando.

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