I have been remiss in not posting our slides from this session.  While I believe that the presentation was one of those "Lotusphere moments" that are hard to recreate, I will deliver versions of this as part of presentations at upcoming Lotusphere Comes to You events in Munich and Dusseldorf....and maybe other locations.  For the rest of you, it's worth sharing what Scott Souder and I did.

Some of this content isn't self-explanatory.  Slides 19 forward were individual stories and anecdotes.  Yes, we mentioned the involvement of Sheldon Laube, Mark Cuban, Will Raabe, and Ray Ozzie in the history of Notes.  We could have mentioned many, many others (yes, Pags, I'm looking at you).  Speaking of Ray, the email there is one he sent me, unprompted, after I blogged about the plan for this session.  And Rob Novak picked up slide 23 on his own blog -- saying it was part of why Lotusphere 2010 was his favorite Lotusphere.

I have some thank yous to offer on this session:
Thank you to Martha McGovern for sending along some "Iris R5" badge holders which I gave out in the session at Lotusphere; Chris Reckling and others for photos that we used during the walk-in montage; Will Raabe and David Atwood for videos; John Roling for some great photos from this session, and most importantly to Scott Souder, who took my 5-year-old Notes history presentation and really made it pop.  Scott is a quiet giant on my team -- he was part of the original Notes sales team in 1990, and has been around the product ever since.  It was great fun to present with him, and I was so grateful in the run-up to Lotusphere that he had done all the legwork on this session.  He even brought the visual aids you see in John Roling's photos -- the R5 martini glass, the boxed set of Notes V1 on floppy disk, the "never to be fixed" bug mug, etc.

It was really fun to do this session -- maybe again in another five years.  Or maybe I'll write the book first.

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