One of the most popular labs at Lotusphere the last few years has been the User Experience labs.  At Lotusphere 2010, there are nearly two dozen feedback opportunities in the labs, across Lotus's existing products as well as shiny new concepts.  There will be both scheduled formal interactive sessions as well as "self-service" feedback options.

The UX team has something for everyone in this lab.  Literally.  Julie Forgo from the lab wrote me and said:

This year, we are running a couple of "specials" on Monday afternoon. If you have a spouse or friend with you, they can come by and do a usability session -- no experience necessary -- just to get a sense of what the conference is about. We also offer a design review service, where a customer can bring a Lotus app by for a brief UI review with one of the UX designers.
Looks like another activity for me to add to Chloe's agenda for Lotusphere 2010!

The User Experience lab is in the Dolphin - Asia 4, right next to the "meet the developers" lab.  Please stop by to help us design the future.

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