One of our announcements this week at Lotusphere 2010 is a partnership with Gist.  I met with Gist yesterday to learn more about the service and their plans for Notes integration, and walked away incredibly impressed.  Gist CEO T.A. McCann is here, and while we had never met, he knew all about me before walking into our meeting.  

Gist's service aggregates news, blogs, Facebook, tweets and more, all in one place.  This isn't just a feed -- it's a profiling service, that helps you determine how "important" someone is in your world and keep you informed about them in real time.  I have just started using Gist, and after connecting it to my personal mail, Facebook, and Twitter, it identified current and former colleagues, friends, bloggers, and industry figures as "important" to me.  Interestingly, the most "important" person on my Gist is Brad Feld of the Foundry Group -- who I do not know and honestly had never heard of before.  The point is, Gist is telling me, Brad is someone I need to know, because of our mutual acquaintances, interests, and industry.  
Image:Lotusphere 2010: Getting the GIST of it
The Gist blog has more details on their planned Notes integration:

Gist, an online service that helps people better manage their personal and professional relationships, today announced its support for Lotus Notes.  Currently available in limited release to select Lotus Notes customers, the offering utilizes Gist's innovative service that automatically aggregates and prioritizes information about contacts and their companies delivering actionable insights in less time.

Once downloaded and activated, the Gist Lotus Notes Plugin provides individual and company profile information as emails are exchanged and calendar events are created.  Gist leverages Lotus Notes' Live Text technology to provide detailed profile information anywhere an email address appears.
To sign up for the beta, visit

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