At Lotusphere 2010, a change from Lotusphere 2009 and previous is that my boss, Kevin Cavanaugh, has a mini-keynote focused on the products/solutions in his messaging and collaboration organization.  This will replace the strategy session that Brent Peters and I delivered at LS09 on the Notes/Domino roadmap, but Kevin address more than the Notes/Domino strategy.  Our team also owns LotusLive Notes, Alloy by IBM and SAP, Lotus Symphony, Lotus Protector, Lotus Foundations, and of course the components of Notes/Domino including Lotus Notes Traveler, iNotes, Domino Designer, LEI, etc.

I'm working with Kevin on the session content, and that includes the responsibility to write the session abstract and title.  Honestly, I can't figure out a title that will resonate in the conference guide.  When you flip open that small booklet in your badgeholder, what title would tell you "this is the Notes/Domino strategy session, plus a bunch of other, related products"?  The default would be "Lotus Messaging and Collaboration Strategy" but since there isn't a "Notes/Domino strategy" session separately on the books at Lotusphere 2010, I want to make sure that the title conveys the range of topics covered appropriately.

I will make sure the person with the best suggestion receives appropriate recognition....thanks for your ideas!

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