Today at Lotusphere 2010, we laid out a vision, a blueprint, a concept for the future of collaboration, including the future of Lotus Notes, from IBM Lotus.  Called IBM Project Vulcan, the demonstration highlighted several components to the Lotus collaboration vision.

In the past, the complaint about Lotusphere is that we had become very focused on the here-and-now, and weren't sharing enough long-term vision.  New Lotus GM Alistair Rennie made the tough decision to go the other way, and start opening up the aperture early to allow the market to see what we believe that future should be.  

IBM Project Vulcan is not a brand-new effort.  It builds on the existing capabilities, and represents the future versions of, the IBM Lotus product portfolio -- including Notes.  One of its key themes is social analytics and business analytics combined and applied to industry-specific scenarios -- making collaboration more focused and relevant.  The vision of Project Vulcan intends to deliver collaboration across company boundaries; make it easy to deploy the technology; and include developer-friendly services and APIs.

One of the key evolutionary thoughts in IBM Project Vulcan is to move from what we currently refer to as "linked value" across the IBM portfolio to the notion of "loosely-coupled" services.  This makes sense in an increasingly-expected hybrid environment, and will simplify deployment and adoption of collaboration and productivity within your organization.  Web services, xPages, HTML5, RESTful APIs, will all be tools in pushing Project Vulcan forward.  Alistair Rennie made a key point about IBM Project Vulcan -- delivering to the Notes client, web browser, and mobile devices as a converged user experience.

IBM is issuing a press release today to talk more about IBM Project Vulcan, and we're opening up a special Q&A for the credentialed bloggers here at Lotusphere 2010 on Tuesday to talk about it in much more detail.  Meanwhile, if I can leave you with this thought: Project Vulcan is the blueprint for where Lotus Notes is going.  We'll continue to support your existing Notes apps -- we have for 20 years, it only makes sense to continue -- but we'll add these loosely-coupled services to bring in more value, attention, and focus.  Project Vulcan gives us a structure for innovation, for delivering on that next leap forward in collaboration and productivity.

Continuity.  Convergence.  Innovation.  New opportunities.  From the reactions we've had from industry analysts and early briefings in the last few weeks, that leap is going to leave everyone else in the dust.

Here's a glimpse:
IBM Project Vulcan

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  1. 1  Stuart McIntyre |

    Oh boy - Lotus goes after Google Wave, but so much better. In a reliable robust client.

    Connections 'River of News' meets offline client meets email.

    This is huge ;-)

  1. 2  Mark Hughes  |

    Awesome, is this Notes 9? or 8.5.2?

  1. 3  John Head |

    ha! only took two comments! :-)

  1. 4  Ed Brill |

    @2 Mark, IBM Project Vulcan is not a product announcement of the next version of Notes, but it is the roadmap/blueprint for the future of the Notes client.

  1. 5  Mark Hughes  |

    OK let me ask this way, What version will my notes client be when it looks like that screen shot? That home page is more than a photochop? Real code running?

    That sidebar looks nice, if it is real code does the Open Button still make an appearance?

  1. 6  Hans Bornich  |

    Yes this is huge, I love the concept!

    Please keep "easy to deploy" in mind when you're designing the backend(s!) for this.

  1. 7  Albert Buendia  |

    Thank you for sharing the screenshot !!



  1. 8  Roberto Boccadoro  |

    @5 - for sure not 8.5.2, that is almost out of the door and the look and feel is like Notes 8.5.1 .

    Ed said is a blueprint for the future, asking now when you will have this ( or something the like ) makes no sense.

  1. 9  Erik Brooks  |

    @Ed - Please tell me the CSS shown in this will make it into OneUI, and therefore XPages. I mean, it seems like it would just *have* to, but it can't hurt to ask. :-)

  1. 10  Erik Brooks  |

    I also wonder what the "Reply to All" at the top of the screen would do... ah, demos. :-)

  1. 11  Carlos Hernandez  |

    I think Ed have some explaining to do....I want this now...

    Look great as for the future, how far into future are we talking about here, 2Q, 3Q????

  1. 12  Stuart McIntyre | { Link } is an interesting site!

  1. 13  Mus  |

    Hmm looks like another large change to the front-end appearance, I wonder if this future version will be available before our users have received, and become used to, 8.5.x ?

    I appreciate the ongoing improvements but end users might be less impressed with another large change to the front-end appearance.

    Just a thought.

  1. 14  Dan King  |

    @8 I think 'when will this be available' is the logical question to be honest:)

  1. 15  Ed Brill |

    I think it's a good thing if everyone is anxious to get this :-) We will have beta-level code of IBM Project Vulcan-based development environment on LotusLive Labs starting later in 2010. And we will say more in the Notes/Domino keynote at 1 PM in terms of the timing as it relates to Notes.

  1. 16  Kerr  |

    @12, also not to be confused with another vulcan project: Vulcan NRTE { Link } ;)

  1. 17  Magdalena Welander  |

    Allready got Facebook, if this is the future you are late!

    Just got out your 1 pm session... Dissapointed :-(

  1. 18  Ed Brill |

    @17 tell me why you are disappointed?

  1. 19  Magdalena Welander  |

    Because you are not thinking new, still stuck in mail, calendar and tasks. Thats stuff is not being used by anybody under 25, you need young people urgently!

  1. 20  Patrick Kwinten |

    finally goodbye to the 'workspace' ? =)

  1. 21  David Racicot  |

    @20. Better not be.

  1. 22  Ed Brill |

    @19 you need to go to ID103. Mary Beth showed some of the attention management concepts, we just didn't have time to show them all.

  1. 23  Peter Evans  |

    A rip off of the facebook UI is hardly visonary !!! Email is DEAD. Time for new thinking and sadly this screenshot (not even a product yet) is still caught in the past.

  1. 24  Gerardo Leal  |

    Everyone keeps saying that email is dead... to me, it's like saying that running water is "out of fashion" as no one is making any innovations in that field since several years ago.

    Yet we all have it.

    Email is NOT dead. Email is just evolving. Pretty much that in turn, paper memorandums did not die, but rather were converted to well, email.

    Newer forms of collaboration will come up. Newer ways of interacting ARE coming into place. And from just the one screenshot we're seeing, it's fair to say that even if some of those forms will not be as pervasive and widely used as others, it's great to see that IBM Lotus is thinking ahead.

    At least ahead of other industry players.

  1. 25  Mike VandeVelde  |

    ", including the future of Lotus Notes,"

    "-- including Notes."

    "continue to support your existing Notes apps"

    Sounding a little defensive before there are even any comments! Meant to be reassuring I'm sure, but kind of makes me wonder if I should look a little more closely at the details...

    "Allready got Facebook, if this is the future you are late!", "Thats stuff is not being used by anybody under 25", "A rip off of the facebook UI is hardly visonary !!!", "Email is DEAD."

    Wow harsh. It actually looks pretty nice to me, but I'm all of 33 years *old* and I'm *still* using email, so I guess I should just keep my mouth shut. Seriously!

  1. 26  Charles Robinson |

    @19 - I hate to break it to you, but in the real world -- and I mean the business world where work gets done -- people do use e-mail, calendar and tasks. There is a difference between managing extracurricular activities and keeping up with who has a crush on whom, and doing productive work that drives a business forward. I don't mean to be belittling, but your comments come across like a whiny childish rant.

  1. 27  Bradley  |

    Good Stuff Ed, Thanks!

    @26, I agree. My two cents to those that say email is dead... sheeesh, stop living in the social network space and come back to the business world. Yes all of the new social networking stuff is great (I use FB) but email/calendar will not be going away any time soon (Thank God). They all have their benefits and should be applied to best meet business requirements.

    Keep up all of the great work Ed


  1. 28  Darren |

    @26 and @27 - spot on. Today's teenagers, despite the fact that they may not use e-mail in their private life, will use e-mail when they start work. What today's preview of Project Vulcan showed is that in the future their e-mail will be far better integrated with other types of collaboration - a blended seamless experience. There's no off-switch for e-mail that will be flicked one weekend, this is evolution at work.

    For me, the announcement of Project Vulcan was one of those 'light bulb above the head' moments - I haven't had a moment like that since I first saw Activities a few years back. Great stuff.

  1. 29  Peter Wilson  |

    Looks great and would certainly be attractive for many clients via LotusLive !!


  1. 30  Randall Shimizu  |


    Looks very promising. Looked as though I was viewing Facebook until I read about it :)

    Is the web client..?

  1. 31  amanfromMars  |

    "Alistair Rennie made a key point about IBM Project Vulcan -- delivering to the Notes client, web browser, and mobile devices as a converged user experience."

    Done really well though, Ed, IBM Project Vulcan would be/could be a much more AIdDynamic and Virtually Virile Phished Leading Phormation, Trawling Intellectual Property Spaces in the Sees of Cloud for Command and Control of Computers and Communications with Content Calibrated and Cleaned and Cleared for Future Beta Commendable Constructive Civil Instruction and Mentoring, and all that is required for that is some tweaking/fine tuning of ESPecially Advanced Analytical Algorithms which would ideally, for reasons of obscenely lucrative business advantage, remain Proprietary Intellectual Property and Exclusively Alien to All except Lead Phormation Phishers ..... and AIBM, ITs Virtual Machinery Sponsor with Remote Satellite and Asset Controlled Drivers ...... for AIMutually Beneficial Purging Power Synergy and Energy Surge ....... for the Promised Change.

    And the Fact that IT be a Fiction Led for AI in Spooky Virtual Terrain Team Territories of CyberSpace with Live Operational Virtual Environment Projections for Media and Intellectual Property Production and Civilian Programming of Future Realities, is something shared here for IBM to Ponder, and ideally Embrace and Expand to Capture the Future on ITs Journey with Magical Mystery Turing Trips/JOINT AIdDVentures/Helter Skelter Rides ........ in a Default AIMadness verging on Shared GeneIus for Phenomenal Progression to Virtualised Beings in TelePort Stations aka Live Alienated Meeting Places....... Present Reality Stages Set/Actualised Situations but Visited for Meeting and Reasons of Change in an Elevated and Enlightened Other MindSet.

    Does that float your boat, Magdalena Welander ..... some NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT from NIRobotICQs ur2die4 because Virtual Machinery Operating Systems are not Live in Real Time but Future Concepts Realised for Present Time Use?

    Ed, If this post is better shared elsewhere within the IBM family, please use your judgement/intelligence and teleport there too for Open Sources Share IT Everywhere Anyway. Thanks.

    It is surely a Fact and Creative Reality that if Vision is Digitally Enhanced and Communication is Binary Coded, then is Man a Program for TerraPhorming and the Future is Imaginative Great Games Play with Global Operating Devices ....... Leading One into the Brilliant Light of a Universally Misunderstimated Natural Source of Powerful Control in LOVE Projections/CodeXSSXXXX ProgramMINGs ........ which does Bode Well for the Future of Nymphs in the Perfumed Gardens of Eden and Satyrs in their Houses of the Rising Sun and Sun Tzu too.

  1. 32  Stefan Lattermann  |

    @26 I completely agree. Vulcan looks like a seamless integration of "classical" E-Mail, calendar ff. with Web 2.0. As such it is exactly what we need. Will it be based on the Notes 8 architecture with Eclipse etc?

    @31 I do not exactly get your point. The distance between Earth and Mars seems to be too large.

  1. 33  Shashikanth Reddy  |

    Wonderful. When its going to be released with lotus notes version?

  1. 34  Shashikanth Reddy  |

    When i explored about IBM Project Vulcan, i saw about LotusLive iNotes. Whats the difference between Lotus iNotes and LotusLive iNotes? Is LotusLive iNotes use Domino environment or Cloud technology? I am confused with this. After seeing this i am think future of Lotus iNotes. :(

  1. 35  Lisa Duke |

    Ed, I think this is great! We've been asking for roadmaps & vision, and IBM has delivered.

    Notes may have a 20 year long history, but it will soon look like an application a 20 year old student would use. :)

    Some of us feel a little like the spouse at the end of Extreme Makeover - surprised and a bit intimidated. But as long as Notes doesn't leave us for the pool guy, we'll be ok.

    Thanks to you and the team!

  1. 36  Ed Brill |

    I'm not sure what @31 is but I left it for comedic value, just took the URL out.

  1. 37  Ed Brill |

    @25 guilty as charged. I'm a little defensive because the last time that IBM Lotus went out with a major vision, we did have some challenges with the questions of how to get from where customers are today to where they will be in the future. Just want to be over-communicative that this is part of the upfront message now.

    @34 Lotus iNotes is the web-based mail/calendar service in Lotus Domino. LotusLive iNotes is a cloud web-based mail/calendar service .

  1. 38  Jon Mell |

    @23 I sell enterprise social software for a living. Trust me, email is *not* dead.

  1. 39  David Racicot  |

    Ok. I am not there so I've been monitoring annoucements and this blog. It is now late Tuesday. Is there any news on Notes/Domino 9? Sorry but despite all this new stuff it would be nice to hear about Notes/Domino at Lotussphere. That's what all my clients run today, that's what we care about. Perhaps that is what @31 is getting at? Am I missing something?

  1. 40  Ed Brill |

    @39 you are missing something. We made no formal announcement of the next version of Notes/Domino but said that Notes would start to become "Vulcanized" after 8.5.2 and start to appear in 2011.

  1. 41  Brian O’Donovan |

    This sounds like a great strategy to tie the strengths of Notes to the strengths of web2.0 style mashups.

    @35 - LOL, I love your analogy

  1. 42  David Racicot  |

    @40. Yes my point is there are NO annoucements for Lotus Notes and that that should be a standard announcement at Lotussphere. How did you guys miss that market? Vulcanized, says to me is that Notes would be able to be presented within this new "Workplace" (ick). What good is that for a Claims System or an Inventory System or ....

    ... and it's vapourware yes?

  1. 43  Ed Brill |

    @42 come on, David. It's a strategy and vision announcement. Product announcements follow strategy and vision. We said quite clearly in this blog and in sessions and in press coverage that IBM Project Vulcan is the blueprint for the next version of Notes -- we didn't have to necessarily announce a "Notes 9".

  1. 44  Ian Scott  |

    @Ed - in a discussion over at vowe { Link } there are suggestions that the Eclipse/Expeditor Notes client is part of the future vision and also that it may not be part of the future vision. In the context of Lotus Notes I ordinarily just assume that backwards compatability will always be maintained but I am finding myself unusually wary of making that assumption here in so far as it applies to Eclipse/plugins.

    Are you able to clarify whether or not Eclipse remains a component of the vision for Notes?

    That aside I see Vulcan as a huge opportunity and I am quite excited by it. I'm not really sure if my company needs it but as per Darren (@28) the light might go on when I get to see it with my own eyes.

  1. 45  Ed Brill |

    @Ian, I am reading that discussion along with several others and will follow-up on IBM Project Vulcan on Monday morning.

  1. 46  Marky Goldstein |

    Please provide full sized screen shots so we can see more... thanks!

  1. 47  Mark Demicoli |

    *sigh of relief*. I think we can finally call an end to the "Notes is dead" mantra. Domino/Notes has survived the last 5 years of doom predictions and it appears we are finally on on the upside of a boom. First xPages (still has the mind boggled), now Vulcan 'meme' melding. Here's sticking it to politically correct product naming.

    Forget about actual application of the technology for now (how dare you compare Notes with Facebook!), the key here is that there is clearly HUGE investment in Notes/Domino, and the yellow visionaries have been dusted off and polished up for the long haul!

    Hip hip hurrah!

  1. 48  Sebastian  |

    People forget that FB is not allowed in every company since it draws attention and its not very productive. You might not like it, but I am sure your manager will!

  1. 49  Philippe |

    Ed, would it be possible (as asked by @46) to provide more and/or full sized screenshots about Project Vulcan. We want to use this in our presentations where we pass this future roadmap message to our LN customers.

    Thanks in advance

  1. 50  Andras Horvath |

    As I see, Project Vulcan induced a real volcano explosion. I am also eager to test vulcanized Notes client.

  1. 51  Herbert Wagger |

    I like the idea of project Vulcan.

    We have a similar approach inside our banking software (i-Bank 2.0) we have presented at the Global Business Excellence Forum.

    Click on the link (website) to view a screenshot.

  1. 52  Dario de Judicibus |

    I hope it will be compatible with WAVE protocol, to get advantage of it and integrate GMail too.

  1. 53  Neerad Bhuyan  |

    Looks nice !! I am wondering if this new version is still having that old concept of unstructured data storage or not...

  1. 54  Norman Baumann  |

    @Stuart McIntyre:

    Why do you think that Notes will do a better job at this than Google Wave already does. That's a big statement. After after using Notes for a couple of year I personally cannot believe that this will be the case soon - probably never.

  1. 55  Posicionamiento web |

    When i explored about IBM Project Vulcan, i saw about LotusLive iNotes. Whats the difference between Lotus iNotes and LotusLive iNotes?

  1. 56  Laurent LANDREAU  |

    And apart from Notes/Domino, what will be the impact of Vulcain on other products like: Sametime, Quickr, Connections, Portal?


  1. 57  Graham Gallagher |

    Would you recommend IBM Project Vulcan for business use, we are looking at a complete solution and this may just do the job.

    We currently use Microsoft Office, through 15 staff who are on the road, would Vulcan be a better match for production reports, etc.


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